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It was great to see the increased interest in gaming and language learning at this year’s CALICO conference. The most promising actual uses of gaming were built on a free platform called ARIS, which combines gaming and storytelling elements by using a location-aware iOS app. I had played around with it and read about it since its release, but it was great to see some real-world uses.

The best thing is that you can build your own game, thus being able to adapt everything to your needs and situation. A few months ago I first through “I can’t do that at my college, with my students.” But I don’t have to, I can make the game so that it fits my own situation.

Of course, it would be even better if my students were to build the game, true to my constructivist leanings in education. Well, check it out, and make sure to have a look at the Mentira project at the University of New Mexico.


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