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Electronic Sign-up Sheets, Forms, and Scheduling

Electronic Sign-up Sheets, Forms, and Scheduling

The summer is over, and after finishing an article and working on some language center design work I’m ready to blog again. This post is all about saving you time. Signing people up can be a big hassle. Let’s say you want to schedule oral exams or have students each pick a certain topic from […]

Story Builder

Story Builder

Story Builder is not that new anymore, but many people I talk to haven’t heard about it. So if this doesn’t sound familiar, read on. If you want to make dialog writing a bit more interesting, then google story builder is a neat way to change things up a bit. It’s free, and you don’t […]

Foreign Language Karaoke

test 3

Karaoke is not the first thing that comes to mind for many when thinking about language learning. Over the years I’ve seen music in general and karaoke in particular used in wonderful ways to practice other languages and in addition to that promote the joy that language learning can bring. Setting Most of the times […]



A few weeks ago I wrote about my favorite sources for images for language learning and teaching. Today I’d like to write about another great tool: Thinglink. This one is actually for adding meta info to images: text, links, other images, videos, etc. It’s quite easy to do: you upload an image, designate areas on that […]

Turnitin Voice Comments

Turnitin Voice Comments

I posted about Turnitin a few months ago. I liked the tool not for plagiarism checking, but for written feedback and peer-reviewing. Even though some of these tools are great, good old paper is still quicker and easier. They have just now added voice commenting, and this opens up some new possibilities, especially for language […]

Turnitin for L2 Writing

Turnitin is mostly known for its plagiarism detection software (a feature that can actually be turned off if you only want to use the features discussed below). For me, the real advantage of the program are the peer editing features, the quick commenting, and the rubric grading feature. First of all, the software is not […]


When a new semester begins, I usually struggle with two things: learning students’ names and keeping attendance. Students drop and add classes, and it’s hard to take attendance without knowing who is who. Students being late and myself getting back into teaching mode make matters worse. Well, there’s an app for that. This January the […]


I’ve been testing soundcloud and thought I should share what a great tool this can be. It’s a web 2.0 audio recording and publishing tool, and is quite simple to use. For example, I can easily record and display several tracks I recorded in a browser or one of the soundcloud apps (iOS, OS X, […]


Having used it for a few years now, I can highly recommend Dropbox. It is easily one of the most useful programs out there, even the free version. If this is news to you, you might want to check it out. It synchronizes files beautifully among computers and gadgets, wether it’s a PC, a Mac, an […]

Tungle – Update

A few weeks ago I wrote about tungle.me. Well, I’ve been using it for a while now and can report that it works very well. Students had no problems booking meetings with me, and feedback is positive. I embedded the widget on my moodle pages and my web site, and I send out the link […]

Audio Pal

Click on the player button to listen to today’s post about Audio Pal. (It’s a short post…). More to come soon, I’ve been busy in the past weeks and have some great new tools I want to share. http://www.audiopal.com


Okay, I’m finally settled enough to start writing smaller blog posts about some of the new tools I’ve been thinking about this summer. Soon I’ll write about some of the projects I am doing in my own class as well as my workshops with our faculty and beyond the college. Posterous is a neat little […]